Farhym founded in 2003 as a the joint venture by Farplas -one of the leader manufacturers of Turkish automotive supply industry- and German Hymer-Leichtmetallbau – expert in interior design and part production.

This efficient and harmonised partnership has led Farhym to today’s current position until the end of 2015.
At the beginning of 2016 Farplas transfered its shares to Hymer Leichtmetallbau and as of 01.01.2016 Hymer Leichtmetallbau has the %100 of Farhym.

  • Phone:
    +90 312 398 02 54

  • Esenboğa yolu
    23. km Akyurt/ANKARA

About Us

Farhym provides design and production services for air-channel, luggage rack, interior lighting and lining especially for the commercial vehicles such as Buses, Midibuses and Minibuses in automotive industry since 2003.

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