The voice of women in the automotive industry

The voice of women in the automotive industry

By promoting equal opportunities and human rights, Farhym’s aim, both in its development in the sector and its staff selection, is to increase the number of female employees and to enable the employment of women in different positions.

Through various activities, the motivation of female employees shall be increased and the number of female employees of the company increased annually.

The careful and detailed way women work adds value to the sector. For a better future in the sector, the number of female employees has to be increase and the number of companies that have made it their goal, like Farhym, shall also increase.

The message of our Managing Director, Mr. Bülent Akgöl, for the Women’s Day:

“ We are constantly trying to ensure that women are able to play a more active role in every aspect of life, obtain their deserved status, and have a greater say in our lives.

It is our women who raise modern and conscious generations for our society. Women are already present in all sectors of industry, from education to science, from arts to economy, they have achieved great success and they are important milestones in the development of modern Turkey.

Therefore, I believe that both economic stability and the development of a country benefits from women being granted more opportunities. In this context, I wish all women all the best on this Women’s Day.“

Bülent Akgöl, CEO Farhym

The voice of women at Farhym;
We are in the management.

Aslı Kani, in her 12th year at Farhym, has many years of experience in the planning and purchasing department of the company. She continues her career as the Quality Manager and represents women in the Management.

According to her, Farhym supports “the productivity, the respect of women in the society and raises the self-confidence of women.”

 We are in the quality.

The quality engineers at Farhym say “Quality First”.

Our quality responsibles; Seda Tanay, Suna Aksoy and Derya Bekçi have already gained manufacturing experience in male professions at their previous employers, and at Farhym are responsible for incoming and final quality controls, project quality processes, audit preparations and supplier development.

We are in the production.

The presence of women in production, a male profession, is a paradox in itself. Sema supports the improvement of product quality from the point of view of customers with her careful work in the production at the last process control of the parts. With her efforts and her reliability, Sema Demirok, mother of two children, is a successful employee.

We are in the project department

Arzu Söğüt, Özlem Memiş and Tuğba Bulut from the project department are communicating customers’ expectations to the respective departments and are thus the communication hub between the customers and Farhym, both on the PC, as well as in production and in the storage area.

We are in the project administration

Ebru Yılmazzobu interviews and evaluates hundreds of people in the application process, knows the names and hiring dates of each employee, contributes to the smooth running of the work of all colleagues with heart and soul.

All guests of Farhym are greeted first with a smile by Kübra Yalçın. She is responsible for the needs of the factory and the reservations.

All our guests feel at home with the drinks and delicacies of Gülsen Korkmaz and Serpil Yıldırım, both are essential for the company.

We are in the purchase department

BEbru Hüner, Betül Baki and Gizem Gürer are the ladies in the purchasing department, working out all the detailed parts of a bus, making price agreements and, if necessary, searching, finding and suppling the production parts until late night.

Women are much more successful than men with their positive nature, energy, consistent work ethic, use and management of resources. In addition, the inherent institutional leadership qualities of women come to the fore.


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