In the coach segment, Farhym gives you both the functional and the premium look. We provide a vast range of options and why don’t you pick yours?


Made of hi-quality fabric, leather or aluminium, accompanied by numerous lighting selections It is only a matter of your request! We are proud of our products, which can be found in award-winning and very well-known bus models worldwide.

Double Deck

Luxury & efficiency. Farhym contributes to the experience of double-decker busses with intelligent room concepts and a strong design language. Characterized by comfort and passenger controlled adjustments, our interior components are the most elegant technology in this top-class segment. Our design is timeless, using only durable materials, and therefore will last for decades to impress every single passenger been on board.


Innovative solutions for modern urban transport. Farhym interior trim and illumination concepts meet the specific requirements of municipalities and city governments regarding EMI or interior lighting guidelines and ensure a comfortable and save atmosphere, even in public transport. Our handrail systems and interior design elements offer an efficient use of space and are meeting highest safety standards. We are consequently pursuing a strict light-weight construction and always offering you the option of integrating a variety of further components like CCTV, interfaces or communication systems.


Durability, multi-purpose use and efficiency: For intercity buses Farhym offers a wide variety of purpose-built equipment options such as with or without luggage rack, direct or indirect ventilation and the addition of add-on systems. Using durable materials, always aiming for quick and easy installation and maintenance access, we would be very glad to convince you of Farhym interior’s reliability.

School Bus

If you manufacture the yellow bus, we will be right there to keep its interior safe. There is no compromise on safety in our world. With the increased safety of our children as our premise, we offer a wide range of school bus configurations, meeting all types of all international requirements. Leave the future to our safety standards!

Minibus & Midibus

Tell us your priority! Do you need to reduce the weight? Are you in search of cost-effective system? Farhym is just next to you. In particular, our modular ceiling systems were developed for the use in all variants of this vehicle class and can be easily adapted to the different spatial requirements of our customers. Thanks to our design library, which makes us the strongest system builder in the market, we can offer you customization options, while keeping additional costs low.



Exclusive premium solutions have been developing for decades.

Havalimanı/Deniz/Raylı Sistem Taşımacılığı

It doesn’t matter for us if you fly, cruise off-the-shore or travel on the railroad.

Our solutions are as versatile as requested!

Discover the possibilities of Farhym interior solutions apart from the travel and bus sector and contact us. We promise to carry your end-product to a higher level.