Painting Shop

Farhym, which produces integrated solutions for the design of the interiors of commercial vehicles, produces air ducts, luggage systems, interior lighting, and other interior coatings especially for buses, as well as the continuation and sustainability of solution partnership for automotive main industry customers with its domestic and foreign premises.

It makes investments in order to fulfil the demands of its new customers and customers. Within these investments, it established a paint shop department in 2018 and incorporated it into its own structure. With the expansion of the customer portfolio, it increased its capacity and invested in a second paint booth in 2022.

In Farhym paint shop, wet paint is applied to various materials such as ABS, plastic, pultrusion, fibre, polyurethane, wood and polycarbonate. Solvent-based epoxy, acrylic and polyurethane paints are applied by spraying method, offering both visuality and increasing corrosion resistance, wet paint application is meticulously carried out by technical and experienced staff.