We are Proud to Announce the Completion of Our New Paint Booth

We are proud to announce the completion of our new paint booth.

The new paint shop in our plant in Ankara has two paint booths that can be operated independently of each other, and also be combined to a common booth with a total area of 56m2 in order to realize large-scale orders.

In addition to the two paint booths, the new production area also includes a new sanding booth, with 2 sanding tables, an office space and its own quality control area.

As a result, we have not only created additional capacities and increased the paintable part sizes, but also are able to offer our customers painting work at an even higher level of quality.

The paint booths were built according to European Standards (EN12215 and EN 13355) and correspond to the state of the art. The met standards, together with the sizes, are on a top level, not only nationwide.

The booths, produced and set up by Lutro GmbH, Stuttgart/Germany, required a multi-week assembly supported by experts from Germany.


Farhym Otomotiv